Mindfulness Meditation

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Meditation is an age-old practice of intentionally focusing the mind. This highly researched method of quieting conditioned and habitual patterns of thought leads to awareness and the reduction of stress.  In mindfulness meditation one learns to observe each moment without judgment from a place of cultivated stillness.  The quieting of the body and mind has been shown to boost the immune system and reduce cardiovascular risk.  It is useful for managing high blood pressure, sleep disorders, lifestyle changes and pain.  The enhanced awareness that comes with meditation practice supports a shift from habitual reactivity to more conscious choice.

The course is taught in two parts. Beginning Meditation lays the foundation for stabilizing the mind by being present. Deepening Meditation expands the capacity to be fully present in the moment-to-moment experience and toward greater insight into the recurring stories that keep us bound to the suffering of the mind.

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Though each section can be taken individually the two levels are designed to help develop and integrate skills for a more peaceful and healthy way of living. The eight weeks together offer practice strategies, the guidance of a trained teacher, and the support of fellow participants.

Beginning Meditation

New class dates will be published when classes are available.

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Deepening Meditation

New class dates will be published when classes are available.

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Due to class popularity space is limited, so preregistration is required. Class enrollment fills and closes several days before the class starts, therefore we are unable to accommodate walk-ins.

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