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Questions & Answers about the Affordable Care Act

On this page, we will post answers to questions about options for health care coverage available under the Affordable Care Act (sometimes called Obamacare), and the Healthy Michigan Act for Medicaid expansion -- and the other ways the U-M Health System is adapting to this new era in health care and assisting patients and community members in doing so.

Q: Which private insurance and Medicaid expansion plans does UMHS accept for care this year?

Frequently Asked Questions: Catheter Ablation

Frequently asked questions about Catheter Ablation, a minimally-invasive technique intended to cure atrial fibrillation without major surgery. Using a specially designed catheter that is threaded into the left atrium of the heart, radio frequency energy is applied to the heart muscle to cauterize the “short circuits” in the heart's electrical system that are generating the atrial fibrillation.

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