My Heart Your Heart Team

Our Team

Founding Director: Kim Eagle, M.D., MACC

Director: Thomas Crawford, M.D.

Project Mangers
Eric Puroll, B.S.
Constantina Alexandris- Souphis, R.N., B.S.N., B.S.
Xiaokui Gu, M.A.
Chin-Wen Pai, M.S.P.H., Ph.D.
Programming: Brian Shensky, B.S.
IRB Specialist: Patsy Bruenger, B.A.
Development: Nathaniel Tobi, Jr.
Communications: Kristy Demas
Clinical Trial Consultants
AJ Hale, M.B.A., C.C.D.S.
Eva Kline-Rogers, R.N., N.P., M.S.N

Dedicated Volunteers

Dan Bochinski, R.N.
Michelle Bochinski
Sharon Gadoth-Goodman, R.N.
Noah Klugman, Ph.D.
Lane Powell
Al Romero, M.D.
Patricia Sovitch, R.N., N.P., M.S.N.
Kevin Weatherwax, C.C.R.C. , C.C.R.A.
Kevin Wunderly, B.S.
United 2Heal

Our Donors

We are grateful for the steadfast support of our donors, whose generosity and commitment provides us the resources to help heart patients around the world. A gift to My Heart Your Heart advances health care in tangible and far-reaching ways.
Our supporters:
  • Sandra Arlinghaus, Ph.D.
  • William Brehm
  • Douglas Colwell
  • Craig R. Davis
  • Sheldon & Marion Davis
  • Rebecca Duffey
  • Kay Fuller
  • Lindsay Hefter
  • Mary H. Jaffe
  • David Katcher
  • Noah Klugman & Lane Powell
  • Sandra Lefkofsky
  • Craig R. Sincock
  • Katharine B. Soper
  • Bonnie Upton
  • Elizabeth Upton
  • The Hon. Frederick Upton
  • Stephen Vlay, M.D.
  • Bradley Wasserman
  • Wayne & Joan Webber Foundation
  • Steven Wolter