Frankel Cardiovascular Center - Floor 5

Cardiovascular Center - Floor 5

What’s on CVC Level 5?

This is the inpatient care level, home to a brand-new moderate-care unit with 24 private rooms. It complements other inpatient units, located in University Hospital, that are affiliated with the Cardiovascular Center.

Patients are admitted to this floor after having either surgery or a catheter-based procedure on their blood vessels, and after becoming stable enough to be “stepped down” to a regular non-ICU floor.

This is what’s referred to as a “telemetry” unit. That means that patients’ heart rate and rhythm, and other vital signs such as blood-oxygen levels, will be monitored continuously so that they can receive immediate treatment if they experience problems. But, they’ll still be able to get up and walk around because the monitoring equipment is portable and can transmit signals back to a central computer that makes the information available to nurses via a network.

In fact, getting up and walking around is an important part of most patients’ recovery process. That’s why professionals from our physical therapy and occupational therapy teams are based on this unit.

Each patient room on this level has many amenities, including:

  • A barrier-free bathroom and shower, with no steps or threshold in order to minimize the chance of a fall
  • Wood-faced built-in dressers and closets
  • Sleeper sofas and reclining chairs for family and visitors
  • Flat screen televisions
  • A privacy curtain
  • A large window

Both on this unit and in the ICU on level 4, there are small workstations near the doorway to each pair of rooms. These have computers and phones to allow nurses to input or read computerized records, including test results and doctors’ orders for medication. On this level, a cupboard near each patient’s door gives nurses quick access to the items they use most.

In addition to this inpatient unit, there are several areas of University Hospital where adult patients might be admitted for overnight care. These include the six-bed Stroke Unit on 4A, the 48-bed Cardiac Surgery Stepdown Telemetry Unit on 4BC, the 10-bed Cardiac Intensive Care Unit on 7D and the 64-bed Cardiology Stepdown Telemetry Unit on 7BC. In all, between University Hospital and the 48 beds in the Cardiovascular Center, there are 176 beds devoted to CVC patients.

Also on this level: The offices of the surgery and radiology faculty, and a large conference room.