Corporate and Foundation Gifts to the Frankel Cardiovascular Center

Corporations and foundations can get involved in many ways, meeting the needs of both your organization and the patients at the FCVC.

Starting with Samuel and Jean Frankel, for whom our center is named, we have benefited from many community partners. 

Types of Corporate and Foundation Giving

There are several ways for your corporation or foundation to get involved with the FCVC that also help meet the goals and needs of your organization.

  • Cause Marketing: This type of giving allows a partnership between a business and a charitable cause to achieve a net gain for both organizations. Partnering with the Frankel Cardiovascular Center allows you to align with a cause dramatically impacting families’ lives in the community, while allowing you to build goodwill with your customer base.
  • Employee Giving: Encouraging your employees to give to the FCVC through volunteer time, giving campaigns and corporate matching demonstrates that your organization supports a cause that benefits cardiovascular disease and the community every day.
  • Private Foundations: Private foundations can partner with the FCVC faculty to support and generate cutting edge research that will impact some of the most important cardiovascular diseases we face.

Contact Us

For more information on corporate and foundation giving, please contact Joe M. Piffaretti, senior director of corporate and foundation relations, at 734-763-1318 or