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Interested in supporting the U-M Heart Walk team by purchasing a Heart Heroes T-Shirt? Use our online cart to order your shirt and have it shipped to the address of your choice. Unisex, women’s and children’s short sleeve shirts, unisex long sleeve shirts and hoodies are available. One hundred percent of the proceeds from this sale goes towards U-M’s Heart Walk campaign and ultimately benefits the American Heart Association. Please visit the 2019 Washtenaw County Heart Walk page for more information on the U-M Heart Walk Team and to register for the event. There will be no in-hand sales, so order yours online today!

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About the Heart Heroes T-Shirt Campaign

The University of Michigan Frankel Cardiovascular Center is proud to partner with the American Heart Association (AHA) to help make advances in cardiovascular research and education. An integral part of this partnership is the U-M “Heart Heroes” t-shirt campaign, which has supported the Washtenaw County Heart Walk since 2015. Since 2015, the Heart Hero T-Shirt Campaign has raised almost $50,000 for the AHA.

What is a “Heart Hero”? A “Heart Hero” can be anyone:

  • A person to be admired for their courage in the fight against cardiovascular disease; a survivor or caregiver
  • One who supports cardiovascular disease prevention, education, and research
  • A health care professional dedicated to bettering the lives of patients with cardiovascular disease.

Why Do We Do This?

The U-M Frankel Cardiovascular Center wholeheartedly supports the mission of the AHA; Building healthier lives, free of cardiovascular diseases and stroke.

Did you know that the AHA is currently funding $6,661,121 to 42 active research studies at the University of Michigan, more than any other institution in the Midwest? And from 2013-2017, the AHA has funded 117 research studies equaling $13,732,670, and U-M remains the largest funded institution in Michigan.