Mindfulness Meditation

Meditation class in circle

Meditation is an age-old practice of intentionally focusing the mind. This highly researched method of quieting conditioned and habitual patterns of thought leads to awareness and the reduction of stress.  In mindfulness meditation one learns to observe each moment without judgment from a place of cultivated stillness. The quieting of the body and mind has been shown to boost the immune system and reduce cardiovascular risk. It is useful for managing high blood pressure, sleep disorders, lifestyle changes and pain.  The enhanced awareness that comes with meditation practice supports a shift from habitual reactivity to more conscious choice.

With meditation, you will learn new strategies to:

  • Break chronic stress cycles
  • Quiet habitual thoughts
  • Boost disease resistance
  • Improve presence and focus
  • Manage high blood pressure, sleep disorders, lifestyle changes, physical or emotional pain
  • Enhance self-awareness

Class Details

This class is not currently offered.