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'Circulation' explores Michigan Medicine’s history

The University of Michigan is the next medical center to be featured in Circulation’s “Hospitals of History” series.

Fredy El Sakr, M.D., a third-year cardiology fellow at U-M’s Frankel Cardiovascular Center, explored the university’s archives for the journal’s November 21 issue.

“It was really impressive to learn how progressive U-M has always been in cardiology, even down to the way the hospital was built to empower research and the flow of information,” El Sakr says.

The researchers delved into the rich history of U-M’s academic medical center, from its opening in 1869 all the way to today’s wide clinical reach, including the Ann Arbor campus and satellite centers across the state of Michigan.

“Establishing the first university-owned hospital in the country permitted clinical training as part of the curriculum, with giants like George Dock, who helped develop clinical clerkship models that were emulated through the country,” co-author Eric Bates, M.D., a Frankel CVC interventional cardiologist, explains. “We are again in the midst of reforming the curriculum and Michigan Medicine is once more leading the way."

Additional authors include Brahmajee Nallamothu, M.D., MPH, a Frankel CVC interventional cardiologist who also serves as editor for Circulation: Cardiovascular Quality and Outcomes, and Joel Howell, M.D., Ph.D., a U-M professor of internal medicine and medical historian. Nallamothu and Howell are members of U-M’s Institute for Healthcare Policy & Innovation.

Read the full “Hospitals of History” entry in Circulation.

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