Congenital Heart Disease (Adult)

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Treating Congenital Heart Conditions in Adult Patients

Congenital heart disease means there is a problem with the structure of your heart that has been present since birth. Congenital heart disease is usually diagnosed in infancy or childhood, and people who have been diagnosed early have been dealing with it their entire lives, requiring continued care and potentially additional surgeries. Others do not find out about their disease until adulthood and are trying to understand what it means for them. The University of Michigan Adult Congenital Heart Program has the expertise to care for both types of patients, and our program also works closely with the Michigan Congenital Heart Center

Congenital heart disease affects at least one in 100 live births. It ranges widely in severity, from tiny holes between heart chambers that close naturally, to life-threatening abnormal structures, such as hypoplastic left-heart syndrome, which require a series of complicated surgeries. As an adult with congenital heart disease, you may need the care of our program for a number of reasons; for example, you may:

  • Be at risk for developing an arrhythmia (irregular heartbeat)
  • Have had surgery as a child and will require further surgery as an adult
  • Have had a graft implanted as a child that is now too small for your adult body
  • Have had a valve replaced as a child that has worn over time
  • Be pregnant, or wish to become pregnant, and you and your baby need to be regularly monitored

About the University of Michigan Adult Congenital Heart Program

The University of Michigan Adult Congenital Heart Program is a full-service program with extensive experience in congenital heart imaging, electrophysiology, minimally invasive catheterization and cardiothoracic congenital surgery.

The American College of Cardiology and American Heart Association recommend that surgeons with congenital expertise perform specific surgeries to optimize adult congenital patient outcomes, and to reduce risk and complications. General cardiothoracic surgeons generally do not see many of the heart anatomies and prior surgical repairs found in adult congenital patients, which is why our team includes experienced cardiothoracic congenital surgeons who specialize in these conditions. Together with our congenital heart cardiologists, they provide additional consultation regarding surgical options when needed and their respective risks and benefits.

We collaborate with other specialties to ensure your care is comprehensive, including:

For patients who have had a long-time relationship with their pediatric cardiologist at C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital, which is affiliated with the University of Michigan, it is possible to continue your care with your physician. However, some patients no longer want to receive care at a children’s hospital and are ready to forge a new relationship with one of our experienced cardiologists at the Adult Congenital Program. The choice is yours to make, and either way, you will receive expert congenital heart care from a skilled team of physicians and nurses.

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