heart attack

Daylight Saving Time Impacts Timing of Heart Attacks

Heart attacks occur most often on Monday mornings, but research shows a 25 percent jump in the number of heart attacks occurring the Monday after we spring forward compared to other Mondays during the year. Learn more.

Aortic aneurysm patient playing the saxophone

New Procedure Offers Hope for Aortic Aneurysm Patients

While treatment for aortic aneurysms involving major branch vessels has historically been open surgery, Frankel CVC physicians were among the first to perform the minimally invasive fenestrated endograft procedure, eliminating the need for open surgery. Learn more.

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Need to make an appointment at the Frankel Cardiovascular Center?

Find out what to expect when you call our toll-free number at 888-287-1082. Schedule an appointment, or get answers to questions you may have about treatment options, doctors and support services. Go to our Make an Appointment page to learn more.