Behavior Modification for Cardiovascular Disease Prevention & Rehabilitation

If you have or are at risk for cardiac disease, you may have been told that you need to make some lifestyle changes. Lifestyle controls about 80 percent of cardiac risk factors, so making those changes – and getting them to stick – are crucial to your health. The Behavior Modification Program, a division of Michigan Medicine's Cardiovascular Disease Prevention and Rehabilitation program, offers a multidisciplinary array of services to help you modify your behaviors and improve your cardiovascular health.

Our team can help you tackle any cardiac-related behavior you need to modify, including:

  • Smoking
  • Nutrition
  • Stress, anxiety or anger
  • Exercise
  • Weight management
  • Medication compliance
  • Depression

Bad choices become bad habits. Our job is to teach you to make good choices and then turn them into good habits. The most important ways we help you learn to make good choices are through education and experience: to help you understand not just why a particular choice is bad but also why you keep making that choice.

We offer individual counseling and group educational programs, provided by a multidisciplinary team, which includes a behaviorist, an exercise physiologist and a nutritionist – all trained in behavioral modification.

The most important thing we can give you is our time. Time to listen to you and time to evaluate your difficulties. Finding the reason for a behavior is the greatest way to begin changing that behavior, so we look for signs of depression or anxiety. We conduct a thorough profile to understand if you are dealing with a difficult situation, such as a problem with your spouse, your job or your child.

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