Research in Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy

Many of the genetic causes of hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM) are now known. The genetic basis is enabling us to better understand why and how patients with these conditions develop problems. New treatments are also emerging that can treat the root cause of HCM. However, there are still many questions that require ongoing work and there is a critical need to bridge the gap between our knowledge of the genetic basis and development of new treatments.

Improving Our Understanding of HCM Through Research

At the University of Michigan, we are dedicated to improving our understanding of HCM. We are leaders in international studies that investigate HCM and actively participate in clinical trials. We led the first ever randomized trial of exercise in HCM (see our article on the JAMA Network website) and have led or contributed to many studies covering a range of important topics in HCM, including clinical trials, genetics, exercise, and basic molecular mechanisms (see our collection of HCM research at the University of Michigan on the PubMed website).

We are actively enrolling in both registry research and clinical trials of novel medications that may improve clinical outcomes in HCM. We also have an active basic science research program focused on HCM. For patients interested in research participation, the best way to become involved is following clinical evaluation at our center.

Get Evaluated

For an expert clinical consultation, please contact the Michigan Medicine Cardiovascular Center at 888-287-1082 to set up an appointment with our HCM team. Please ask to speak with our program nurse coordinator, Barb Steeves.