For Researchers Interested in the CHIP Bioregistry

The design of CHIP is one rooted in collaboration and our primary goal is aim to further scientific discovery. 

Access to Samples

If you would like to learn more about collaborating with us, please contact us and you will be directed towards our CHIP access application

Project Manager: Tori Melendez, MSW
Office: 734-232-4779


In terms of aortic tissue, we have samples available in the categories below.

Graph showing number and variety of samples available

Last updated August 2017

Genetic Markers

  • Genome Wide Association Study (GWAS) performed on 500k variants for all DNA samples
  • Testing DNA quality, establish genetic fingerprint and ancestry of samples 

Manuscript, Grant, IRB Boilerplate Language 

While a version of the below may be sufficient for some grants, manuscript, IRB applications, the CHIP team welcomes the opportunity to collaborate with you to assist with customizing language for your specific grant application. Please contact to discuss your project needs. View or download IRB Boilerplate Language PDF.

Contact Us

To learn more about collaborating with us, please contact us via phone  at (734) 232-4779 or email at You may also apply for access to our specimens.