Metabolic Fitness Program

You may have heard that a wide waistline can put you at risk for cardiovascular disease. In fact, it’s one of the conditions that can lead to metabolic syndrome. The good news is you can significantly decrease your risk through lifestyle changes. At the Metabolic Fitness Program, a division of Cardiovascular Disease Prevention and Rehabilitation at the University of Michigan, our multidisciplinary team of cardiovascular experts is focused on helping you reverse your metabolic syndrome through support, education and comprehensive care.

Exercise physiologist and patient with weights

About the University of Michigan Metabolic Fitness Program

Our program combines exercise, nutrition, stress management and strategies for behavior change in a supportive group atmosphere to facilitate positive lifestyle changes, which in turn reduces risk. The 24-week program includes one day a week at the Metabolic Fitness Program for mini lectures, group discussions and exercise, and then an exercise program for you to do on your own. A 12-week option is also available. All of our patients in the Program are granted full access to our cutting-edge Preventive Cardiology Fitness Center, which is supervised by our exercise physiologists.

Before You Start the Program

A physician referral is required to enroll in the Metabolic Fitness Program so we can develop a partnership with you and your primary care physician. This is important because improvements in blood pressure control, blood sugar and blood fats can result in a need to modify medications.

Before you start in the program, we do a blood test to use as a baseline, along with a stress test to ensure it’s safe for you to exercise. Our nurse practitioner conducts an exam, along with a psychological profile to check for depression and sleep apnea, which can be factors for increased weight. Our exercise physiologists monitor your workouts to ensure you aren’t doing too little exercise, and therefore not getting the benefits you need to reverse metabolic syndrome, or too much exercise, which could be harmful to your health.

Positive Outcomes

Within 3-6 months, a significant number of our patients no longer have metabolic syndrome. But in order to keep yourself free of metabolic syndrome, you have to continue with the lifestyle changes. Our program is 24 weeks because the longer you continue with a program, the better the chances of turning good choices into good habits. In fact, 27 percent of our participants no longer have metabolic syndrome after six months in the program. However, if you do slip back into old habits, you can come back to the program to get back on track. We also offer a 12-week program option, and you may decide to continue for a second 12 weeks at the end of the first 12 weeks.

Metabolic Fitness Progam Information Highlights

  • Physician referral required
  • 24-week program, with 12-week option also available
  • Tuesdays, 5:30-7:00 pm  OR 7:00-8:30 pm
  • Each session includes 45 minutes of lecture and 45 minutes of clinically-supervised exercise

Get Started with the U-M Metabolic Fitness Program

If you have further questions about the program, or to sign up once you have a physician referral, call us at 734-998-5679. For more information, including details about cost and insurance, visit our FAQs: Metabolic Fitness Program page. Upcoming start dates of the program are listed below.

  • November 14, 2017
  • December 12, 2017
  • January 9, 2018