Women's Heart Program

U-M Women's Heart Program Offers Full Scope of Cardiac Treatment for Women

Did you know that women’s outcomes for heart disease are different than men’s? For a long time, cardiac care was focused on men, as it was thought of as a predominantly male issue. And while heart disease treatment was the same for women and men, the men had better outcomes. Studies have proven this difference in outcomes happens because a woman’s makeup is different than a man’s, and heart disease develops differently. The National Institutes of Health recommended creating female specific cardiac clinics, and the University of Michigan received one of the initial grants to start the Women’s Heart Program. Nine years later, our program is one of only a few in the country to offer the full scope of cardiac treatment specifically for women.

Program Goal: Reduce Risk Factors

Heart disease kills more women than any other condition, which is why our program focuses on helping women who have survived a heart-related crisis, or those who face a major risk of having one in the future. Our goals are to identify, evaluate and reduce cardiovascular risk factors through preventive strategies, early detection and specialized treatment, including:

  • Screening/Diagnostic Testing
  • Risk Assessment
  • Diagnosis
  • Therapeutic Services
  • Interventional/Surgical Services
  • Nutrition/Weight Loss Counseling
  • Exercise and Fitness
  • Stress Management
  • Social Work Counseling
  • MHealthy Tobacco Consultation Service

Many of our services are located within the same building for easy access and same-day service.

Multidisciplinary Specialists Provide Comprehensive Care

Our program offers a distinctive approach to patient care that involves a team of highly skilled practitioners from many fields that specializes in women’s heart care. This team includes a cardiologist, nurse practitioner, dietician, exercise physiologist, and a stress management coordinator. We are trained to understand the unique characteristics of women’s heart conditions. Together, we provide comprehensive evaluation and treatment to our patients.

Our researchers are conducting studies to advance the understanding of cardiovascular and coronary heart disease in women and the role of medical and lifestyle interventions in prevention. To be a part of this important research, visit umhealthresearch.org.

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